Easy Process & Friendly Employees

Bought my shed in June of 2020 and converted it into an office. The entire process was easy from design to ordering and delivery. The fact that the staff is friendly was a bonus for sure. When I purchased the shed I was in a rental house so I ended up having to call them back out to move the shed when I bought my home. Again, easy process and friendly employees. Also, I didn’t have a single crack or anything in the finish out from the move. Not sure if that is because the contractor did great or they were just that careful while moving it, either way, I was very pleased. I also did the pay monthly option with no early payment penalty. I am also very pleased with that end of everything. I had a card I had to cancel and get reissued that happen to be my autopay card for this. I had forgotten to call and change the card. When my payment didn’t process they gave me a call and helped me get everything updated. I have appreciated working with Ulrich Barns and Backyard Leasing from step one.

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