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Yes, in most cases. You will need to have our “landlord waiver” signed by your landlord granting you permission to place the building on their property.

The LDW is not insurance, however it releases you from responsibility for the lease in the event of an “act of God” or some other disaster. It does not cover illegal activities such as theft.

The “Early Purchase Option” is available at any time during the life of the lease.

The lease purchase program is ideal in this situation. While we prefer a minimum of 6 months, it is very flexible and can be terminated at any time. If your situation changes and you want to purchase, that option is also available.

The lease purchase program is not a credit program, so a previous bankruptcy does not impact your application.

Contact your account representative to discuss your situation. Our Loss Damage Waiver will cover any liability you may have for damages provided you have it on your contract

Check our inventory page here to see what is currently available in your area.

Yes, in most cases. That is exactly what the program is for. In many cases we also have a reinstatement period for accounts in good standing in which you can have the same or similar unit reinstalled with only delivery fees and assume the previous lease. Discuss this with your representative.

You can terminate the lease at any time by simply not making the next lease payment. Since it is a month-by-month recurring lease, the agreement is renewed each time you make that monthly payment and terminated by not making the payment. Call your account representative to be clear about your intentions.
Discuss this with your account representative. Usually, if your account is in good standing, and the building remains in our service area, we can assist you in having your building moved to a new location.

As long as we can deliver the building and the price is below the maximum
allowable cash price for our lease purchase program, the size is not a limiting

Cash purchases have a lower overall price. The Lease purchase program is the most flexible way to get the space you need so the overall cost is somewhat higher. Some of this increased cost reflects the flexibility, low investment required and the option to purchase the product or terminate the agreement at any time. It also reflects the additional cost of managing the account and potential pickup and delivery costs.

Discuss this with your account representative to see what options might be available in your situation.

If this is a new purchase, ask about our same as cash offers. If you currently have a contract with us, please call your account representative and arrange to exercise the early purchase option.

There is no interest charge in the lease purchase program. There is simply the cost for the monthly lease. Like a house, a cash purchase is the cheapest method of getting housing, but most of us dont have that kind of money lying around. Financing is usually cheaper than leasing, however, that requires good credit, a down payment in most cases, and a long-term commitment. Leasing is a third alternative. With our lease purchase program, purchasing is always an option and is based on the cash purchase price at the time the original agreement is signed.

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