Our Story

Backyard Leasing started in 2004 to serve a local need by providing leases for backyard accessory structures to help families make memorable lives accessible at home.

In 2018, Backyard Leasing acquired two other companies – one in California and one in Virginia. Today, Backyard Leasing serves five states: Texas, California, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia.

Our Mission is to help families live a more organized lifestyle.

We differentiate by being THE MOST friendly lease purchase program available and are loved by our on time and challenged customers alike. Our Core Values are Stewardship, No Gossip, Grow or Die and Golden Rule. These core values guide everything we do and in particular Golden Rule, in the way we relate to our valued clients! 

As of 2022, we are looking to enter additional markets by partnering with or acquiring rent-to-own portfolios, as well as serving manufacturers looking for a lease partner that delivers a Raving Fan level of customer care in serving their clients.

Jonathan Ulrich and Steve Byler are partners in the company. Jonathan serves as the Visionary and Steve is currently serving as the President. Our account management team is led by Crissy Gonzalez who cares exceptionally well for our clients. As a team, we have nearly 50 years of experience in this industry

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Yes, in most cases. You will need to have our “landlord waiver” signed by your landlord granting you permission to place the building on their property.

The LDW is not insurance, however it releases you from responsibility for the lease in the event of an “act of God” or some other disaster. It does not cover illegal activities such as theft.

The “Early Purchase Option” is available at any time during the life of the lease. 

The lease purchase program is ideal in this situation. While we prefer a minimum of 6 months, it is very flexible and can be terminated at any time. If your situation
changes and you want to purchase, that option is also available.

The lease purchase program is not a credit program, so a previous bankruptcy  does not impact your application. 
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